This time the wave is against the Congress in Meghalaya: Nalin Kohli

Shillong, December 3: There is no wave of the National People’s Party in Meghalaya but there certainly is a wave against the Congress government in the state. This has been claimed by Bharatiya Janata Paty’s National Spokes Person, Nalin Kohli.

Nalin Kohli speaking about the upcoming elections in Meghalaya claimed that no party has any sort of wave in Meghalaya but rather the wave is currently going against the Congress which is currently in the state. He claimed that because of this wave, the Congress will not get back in power in the state.

Nalin Kohli along with Union Minister of State for Tourism Alphons Kannanthanam are currently for a tour in the state to prepare for the upcoming elections. Nalin Kohli is also meeting with several party members in the state so that the final candidates for the elections can be fixed.

It may be mentioned that although the BJP has been trying to get their hold in the state, over the past few months many MLAs and Congress members have quit the party and are joining the National People’s Party.

Both the BJP and NPP are a part of the alliance at the national level but in Meghalaya, both the parties are competing alone and many times it was seen that NPP had even politically attacked the BJP.