Thriving job racket in NE to dupe unemployed youths

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Imphal/Guwahati, December 28: In a sensational revelation, police on Wednesday said that a thriving job racket in northeast India has cheated hundreds of gullible youths in the region on false promises of providing employment and job oriented training courses.

According to sources, based on media reports, Manipur police on Wednesday informed that they have taken several steps, including contacting their counterparts, to help them bust the racket.

As per sources, a dubious group of “professional trainers” from Chandigarh has been operating by using a two-pronged strategy to cheat the youths: first, they shoot SMSs to the youths promising them plum jobs, and then they make false claims that they can train the youths in hospitality services.

The cybercrime unit of the Manipur Police has initiated steps to track down the persons behind the job racket.

A Muslim boy from Manipur was one of the duped youths who had been lured to the “institute” and revealed to reporters that the youths brought from the Northeast were herded in some rooms.

He alleged that they were never allowed to visit the office, meet others or get further details. He went on to add that after some days they were told that unless they brought some other youths, they would not be provided employment and that is when he started getting suspicious.

According to reports, they were told that they must deposit a security amount of Rs 47,000 each and were promised a pay package of Rs 15,000.

He added that some of them had decided to flee before it was too late and that many other youths were trapped there and appealed to the government that it must do something to rescue them.

Reportedly, some of the gang members had also tried to approach prominent journalists so that some favourable articles could be published, which would further help in building their bogus image and in trapping more such unsuspecting Northeast youths.

Edited by: Arnab Jyoti Das