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Friday, May 14, 2021

    Top Delish Naga Dishes You Should Try Right Away

    Here are some scrumptious Naga cuisines you should try this season

    In case you love steamed food and want lots of meat in your platter then we bet you should head to the pristine state of Nagaland.

    The hill state is home to different tribes and they have their own cooking varieties. The cuisines basically consist of a meat dish, boiled vegetables, rice and chutney. The Nagas love to consume boiled edible organic leaves and fermented bamboo shoot.

    Although the food tends to be spicy, the fresh aroma of the herbal spices is definitely going to trick your taste buds. Here are some must-try dishes from Nagaland, Check them out:

    Smoked Pork Stew with kidney beans

    Just like the mouth-watering smoked pork, this stew with kidney beans is a delicacy in Nagaland. The smoked pork stew is thick and garnished with fresh coriander leaves. The dish is basically served with rice.

    Photo Credit: Roots & leisure

    Boiled Vegetables/ Rosep Aon

    Most of the Naga dishes include steamed veggies without any seasoning. The Rosep Aon is a signature dish of the Ao Naga Tribe of the state filled with the goodness of fresh vegetables, flavours of the fermented bamboo shoot and dried fish.

    Photo Credit: Roots & leisure


    Zutho is a fermented drink obtained from rice. It has a fruity odour and is mostly consumed by the Angami Nagas. It is a delicacy during family rituals or other occasions.

    Photo Credit: Trip Tap Toe


    Most of the Naga dishes are cooked without oil and are considered as one of the healthiest foods. Akibiye is typically prepared with colocasia and bamboo shoot. It has a thick gravy and is mostly consumed by the Sema community in Nagaland. The dish is consumed with rice.


    Akhuni is fermented soya bean that is used to make Akhuni pickle or added to meat dishes to enhance their flavour. It is quite a staple in Nagaland.

    Photo Credit: EatTreat (Representative Image)



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