Top Journo Orgs condemn attack on Woman Journo by Assam Police

Guwahati, March 13: The Press Club of India, New Delhi along with Indian Women’s Press Corps and Federation of Press Clubs in India today issued a letter condemning the attack on a Mizoram-based woman journalist who works for a news channel in Guwahati by the Assam Police.

The top three media organizations have severely condemned the attack by Assam Police on a female journalist of the State Emmy C Lawbei while she was covering the Assam-Mizoram protest on March 10.

The letter pointed out that the media is identified as the fourth pillar of the democratic system and the journalists have all the rights to cover every protest and other news happening in the society. It further states that no one has the legal authority to prevent media person to report.

The three journalist’s organization expressed their discontentment over the recent attack on a female journalist by Assam Police personnel’s during a protest in Assam-Mizoram border. A video of Assam Police attacking Lawbei has gone viral on social media.

In the said letter the journalist’s organization demanded immediate action to be taken against all the Assam Police officials which were involved in the incident.

On March 10, Assam Police along with State’s Forest Department demolished a wooden rest house set up in the territory of Assam by the Mizo Zirlai Pawl, Mizoram student’s organization and that accelerated the already tensed situation in the border.

Media persons were present there to cover the entire protest by the locals and member of the Mizo Student’s Union. Reportedly, the situation became tense and Assam Police started lathi charging on everyone including the media persons.

Assam Police has reportedly attacked the women journalists’ covering the event in the Assam-Mizoram Border.

After the attack, Lawbei shared the images of injuries on her body on the internet which again went viral and the matter has been taken up by the top journalist’s organizations in the country.

The letter which was addressed to Chief Reporter was undersigned by President of Press Club of India Gautam Lahiri, Shobhana Jain, President of All India Women’s Press Corps and Nadeem A Kazmi of Federation of Press Clubs of India.

Images of injuries shared by Lawbei on social media