‘Tortured’ by son, woman attempts suicide from Saraighat Bridge; bid foiled

Nitopam Medhi

Guwahati, September 14: The security forces performed crisis intervention tactics to save a woman from Darrang who was thinking of committing suicide from Saraighat Bridge in Guwahati on Friday.

Ratneshwari Barua said that she was in a deep state of emotional distress. She hails from Khandajaan in Darrang.

“My son accused me of spending the money he has taken as a loan from the Bandhan Bank. He used to torture me. I could no longer take the taunts and thought that it is better to commit suicide than to live like this daily,” she told Amingaon police.

She added, “I took Rs 10 from a neighbour and boarded a bus to Guwahati. I don’t want to leave anymore.”

Currently, the Amingaon police are investigating the matter and the woman was taken to a  hospital for a health checkup.