Tripura Keen To Legalise Cannabis For Its Medicinal Value

Tripura Health Minister says Cannabis should be legalized
Tripura Health Minister says Cannabis should be legalized

Agartala, March 9, 2019

Tripura Health Minister Sudip Roy Barman expressed his eagerness to legalize Cannabis which has certain medicinal elements which can cure many ailments, including cancer.

Cannabis’s original name cannabis sativa is a plant whose dry leaves are used to make marijuana, often called as pot, grass, mall, stuff, and ganja in colloquial terms. Even hash and bhang are made from this plant only.

While speaking with the media persons on March 8th, 2019 at the State Secretariat, he said, “The central government has to take a call whether they can exclude cannabis from the list of banned things. Once it is out, many states can make it legalized as it has several medical applications including treatment of cancer.”

He also added that the central government holds the right to amend the national law that bans cultivation, sale or use of cannabis along with other narcotic substances and if the centre amends the law, there is no harm in it.

After hearing Barman, Tripura Congress vice president Tapas Dey said that the government should legalize cannabis with checks and balances to ensure that only ‘good use’ of the drug is made for the benefit of growers and patients.

Tripura Chief Minister Biplob Ded said that the state government would continue its effort to prevent the sale of cannabis and other banned substances in order to protect the interest of the youths.

It may be mentioned, the Rajiv Gandhi government, when came to power, banned it under America’s pressure and now it is banned under a central act which bans certain substances.