Two miscreants attempt to molest a woman in Sonari

Guwahati, April 16: In a shocking incident, two miscreants attempted to molest a woman in Sonari of Charaideo district on Sunday. While the local people managed to catch one of the accused, the other one managed to escape.

As per reports, two miscreants, who are identified to be laborers working at a nearby construction site, allegedly tried to molest a woman whose husband was not in the house. Taking an opportunity of the situation where the woman was all alone, one of the men held her and tightly covered her mouth, while both of them attempted to rape her. However, the victim managed to raise an alarm among the people by screaming out loud.

The incident took place yesterday in the village of Lukhurakhon in Sonari.

The nearby people gathered around the spot where the incident took place, and held the two accused. While one them managed to escape, the other one was held by the public, and was beaten all black and blue.

The accused have been identified as Ajijur Haq and Ajijur Rahman.

Sonari Police was immediately informed about the same. The accused Ajijur Haq is now under the custody of the police, and the police are carrying on further investigations on the matter.

It may be mentioned that TIME8 on February 19 highlighted another such incident that took place in Tezu in Arunachal Pradesh where two rape accused were allegedly dragged out of a police station and beaten to death by an irate mob in Center Point I Tezu following an alleged rape case.