ULFA Members & Welfare Society rescue ailing Ex-ULFA leader


Guwahati, November 20: Nazira Human Welfare Society members reach former ULFA leader Boby Moran’s residence today for her rehabilitation procedure.

Boby would be undergoing treatment in Nazira under the supervision of Human Welfare Society.

Boby Moran aka Aruna for the last 10 years is reported to have been living a mentally unbalanced life who cannot recognize any person, who finally gets a recognition and the ULFA members have come up for her rescue.

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TIME8 on Saturday had highlighted the issue and her years of suffering living a nomad life, where ULFA pro-talk leader Jiten Dutta had stated that Moran would be shifted to Nazira for her treatment on Monday.

Boby had picked up arms in the year 1989 and joined ULFA, she is reported to be an active member for many years since then, but later was arrested and gave up arms.