Unique Blind Fish Species Discovered in Meghalaya Cave

Shillong, December 30: According to a New Zealand-based science journal, a unique yet interesting species if fish has been discovered in East Jaintia Hills.

The scientific name of the fish is ‘Schistura larketensis’ and has been derived from Larket village. Few years back, Khlur Mukhim, a researcher at Gauhati University first stumbled upon this species. Since then, a team of scientists from both Gauhati University and Northeastern Hill University has been researching on this.

The fish was first found inside a cave in the Larket village and since the cave is not exposed to light, owing to darkness the fish has evolved in ways peculiar to its habitat. Hence, the fish is blind and has no skin pigmentation.

According to Mukhim, there are around 200 known species of similar kinds of fishes inhabiting streams and rivers in the Indo-China and Southeast Asian region, but this is the first such discovery.

On being asked about this sightless fish, Mukhim said that a certain small, faintly blackish spot-like depressions appear in place of eyes, which indicates evolutionary and morphological adaptations.