Unresolved 90’s murder mystery of Assam Journo, PMO seeks update

By Nisha Das

Guwahati, November 27: Taking into account the sensational murder case of freedom fighter turned journalist Kamala Saikia, a letter has been sent to the Chief Secretary of the Government of Assam from the the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) urging strict action.

Back in the year 1991, the brutal murder of journalist Kamala Saikia shook the entire state. He hailed from Sivasagar and on the night of 9th August, he was kidnapped by Ulfa rebels and was tortured and killed. The next morning, his body was found on the Janji-Amguri road with various injury marks, which proved that he was cruelly tormented before being killed.

Since then, 26 years have passed and still no action has been taken to punish the criminals. This unresolved murder mystery is not less than a slap on the government’s face as the criminals are roaming free without the hint of fear even after committing a gruesome murder.

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has therefore written a letter to the Chief Secretary of the Government of Assam for appropriate action in this matter. The PMO letter has urged the government to give a current update on the investigation procedure.

This case has been considered as top most priority due to huge public pressure and handed over to the C.B.I. for further investigation. According to Dhananjoy Saikia, the son of Late Kamala Saikia, he has approached the Gauhati High Court with a petition, which the court failed to accept. Saikia’s son is now somewhat hopeful after PM’s intervention expecting immediate response from the government.