#UnsmartCity | What happened to me on a pleasant day


By Sanmita Acharjee

Guwahati weather is already a headache; the hot and humid weather makes you go mad! Finally after weeks of getting boiled in this scorching heat, I wake up to this cool, pleasant weather today!

And then it rains! Who doesn’t love the rain? I do, in fact we all do…
Rain was my everyday story when I was in Shillong, but it wasn’t as annoying it is here.

Royal Global University

Today I had to walk to down to my office, and guess what? There is water everywhere, the drains are clogged, and rainwater and drain water had become one. Anybody who has seen what I am talking about would never want to walk in the rain though the flooded roads of Guwahati.

I couldn’t see the roads for obvious reasons, and God knows what or where I was stepping on. Such dirty roads, makes me wonder why people litter on the roads.  Also, if people really notice the hoardings of “keep your city clean” around the city.

About the roads, something the vehicles and pedestrians equally wanted to avoid- potholes- are everywhere. They need to be fixed!

Thankfully, today an Autowalla came to my rescue! Charged me around 300 bucks where normally he would have charged 50 max,and said that he would see me again!

Probably he knew what ‘clean’ roads and rain can do to people. They are the best fortunetellers…

Somebody please find me a cheaper mode of transport for such days! Since we now know this problem cannot be stopped. Nothing can be done, NOTHING. People will never stop littering. Drains will always be blocked.

Now, you might say that this is normal and such kinds of problems occur everywhere and blah blah.

“Bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hain!”

No! It’s not normal. Probably some people have just given up on them, and got used to the situations. I am not being able to!

Stop getting so comfortable Guwahati and find ways to outsmart these smart showers!