Visit of Amur Falcons decreasing in Manipur, state to use satellite tracking

Imphal, December 29: The Amur Falcons which take one of the longest migrations have reportedly started to decrease in Manipur.

At a time when one lakh Amur Falcons were reported to visit the state, this year only 60,000 Falcons were estimated.

As such the Manipur Forest department have introduced a new technique to study the migratory birds in a bid to know the migratory routes and also protect their stop-over sites.

A satellite tracking of Amur Falcons have been recently announced.

It may be mentioned that radio transmitters will be used to study their movement not just in the state but also across the globe which would help to get a knowhow of the reason behind the bird’s inability to stay longer in one place and also the decrease of their visit in the state.

The Falcons which visit Manipur’s Tamenglong district villages during the October month every year is known for preserving the harvest as they eat up the insects and termites. However due to climate change along with various other human interference the decline of the birds are suspected.