Visitor alleges Accoland’s ‘dirty water’ led to Skin Allergy

Guwahati, July 12: People might need to think twice before planning a trip to Accoland in Guwahati as there have been allegations that the pools in the amusement park are not cleaned properly and due to the dirty which has led to skin allergy among many visitors.

On Thursday, a woman from Barpeta told local news channels that on July 9, she visited the amusement park with her family members but after they went back home, every member of the family received some skin infection. She added that her eyes got swollen overnight while other members had swollen cheeks.

The woman speaking on the issue told the media alleged that the amusement park was using dirty water in the swimming pools and for this, her family faced such problems.

She further alleged that the water in the pools of the park is not changed by the authorities on a regular basis as it should have been.

When the family visited a doctor on Thursday, the doctor told them that the reason for the allergy was due to the use of dirty water.

The doctor after conducting all the tests suspected that the family got the allergy after they came in contact with dirty water in the pools of Accoland.