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    Want to dress yourself fashionably warm and trendy this winter? Here are some tips

    Every year when fall arrives, we admittedly get pretty excited to revamp our wardrobe. Though we love the easy, breezy fashion that comes with warm weather – but the cool, crisp autumn air just gives us so many options

    Dressing in winter are anxiety-filled enough, and being uncomfortable in your clothes only make things worse. Being cold because you didn’t prepare for winter weather? That’s just added stress you can avoid by dressing appropriately. Your jacket can absolutely be a key part of your winter fashion, or you can dress to impress underneath and impress everyone with a great look the moment you take your coat off!

    Every year when fall arrives, we admittedly get pretty excited to revamp our wardrobe. Though we love the easy, breezy fashion that comes with warm weather – but the cool, crisp autumn air just gives us so many options.

    However, when fall turns into winter and multiple layers become mandatory as opposed to an option, we start to run out of cute cold weather outfits real quick.

    But guess what? Just because it’s freezing out, doesn’t mean we have to collectively resign ourselves to giving up on styles – it just means we all have to think a bit more creatively when getting dressed in the morning.

    Here are some of the ideas you can apply to look fashionable and trendy even in winters:

    Become a layering pro

    When its really, really cold outside, sometimes even the items in your wardrobe that you always depend on no longer cut it. This is when you have to find creative ways to layer under your clothes that no one will notice.

    Layering is always on-trend in winter. It’s a massively practical way to dress when its really cold. So don’t be afraid to pile on the layers. A turtleneck, under sweater, under a jacket, under a coat, for instance, will definitely keep you warm.

    Let your boots steal the show

    Great winter style really boils down to a great pair of boots. Got a great pair of over-the-knee boots? Show them off pairing then with short dress. Have a killer ankle boots you want to make sure the world gets to see? Pair them with cuffed jeans or a dress.

    Belt your coats to give them a new life

    By the middle of the winter it’s pretty inevitable that you’re going to start to feel some fatigue when it comes to putting on your boring old winter coat day after day. Add new life to your coat simply by belting it. Cinching your waist will make it seem almost like you have a brand new coat.

    This styling trick will work with just about any coat style!

    Embrace fur

    There aren’t many redeeming factors about living through really cold weather fashion wise, but it is the only time during the year that you can wear fur. So just have with it! Unvest in a statement fur topper, throw on a fur vest or stole over your winter coat, or find cool fur accent pieces like fur collars or even fur mittens to liven up your winter outfits.

    Invest in a show-stopping hat

    Your first instinct in the winter is to splurge on a pair of boots or a coat, but here we advise you to also hunt high and low for the winter hat of your dreams. It will be the first thing people will notice about you, so it should be something you love.

    Experiment with scarves

    Scarves can be worn in many more ways than simple wrapped around your neck, and winter is the perfect time to experiment. You can try the retro look of a scarf tied around your head, belted on top of a jacket, or even tied in a knot around your shoulders.


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