Watch what 2 Pakistanis have to say about the ‘Awesome Assam’ Video

Guwahati, February 25: The ‘Awesome Assam’ advertisement starring Assam Tourism’s brand ambassador and International Star Priyanka Chopra which has been appreciated by many just got beautiful reviews from a Pakistan duo who run the YouTube channel Reaction Express.

The video, uploaded in the wee hours on Sunday, has the duo from Pakistan, Shakir Shah and Mumid Abbas singing praises of the Natural Beauty, the Tea Gardens, the Handicrafts and Historical Architecture that is shown in the film.

They do, however discuss that they aren’t aware if Assam is a state or a city. They also marveled at the visual of the Dhola Sadiya bridge and discussed if Assam is mainly comprised of villages. One of the two people appearing on the videos in the channel said that he thought probably the film shows only the beautiful rural and forest scenes and has left out the developed areas from the state.

Shakir also compares the beauty of Assam to the Tourism Brand Ambassador, Priyanka Chopra’s smile and the video ends with them talking about the loving relationship that both the countries- India and Pakistan ought to share so that they can come and visit these places.

You can watch the video here:

And, just in case if you want to see the ‘Awesome Assam’ AV again: