While everyone gets busy with Mumbai, Sehwag rues Assam’s flood problems

Flood image courtesy: UB Photos

Guwahati, August 30: National media or the rest of the country may not pay heed to Assam’s annual and sometimes biannual flood woes, but former cricketer Virender Sehwag did.

While everyone was busy discussing Mumbai Floods, Viru posted a few pictures on his Official Twitter handle in an attempt to remind the country that Assam needs support as well. The state has been hit by two waves of floods this year and many lives have been lost already.

Interestingly he also shared a picture of a girl holding a placard about how National Media overlooks this annual havoc that monsoon creates in this part of the country.

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Check Sehwag’s official Twitter account.


Earlier today Sehwag had also tweeted pictures of flash floods in Guwahati following ‘one spell of rain,’ in the same thread.

Sehwag has often been in the news in recent times for his straightforward and sometimes humorous comments on things happening across the country.

#AssamFloods is what he tweeted about today and the people of the state are retweeting his post and thanking him profusely for bringing it to the notice of people from other parts of the country.