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    While She Waits For The Spring: Assam-based singer to release new album on Oct 8

    ‘Yaar dost’ is a song which Abhilash dedicated to his friends who have supported him during his journey.

    GUWAHATI: Assam-born singer-songwriter Abhilash Choudhury is coming up with his exciting new song album ‘While She Waits For The Spring’ which will be released on October 8 in all music platforms.

    Abhilash Choudhury is a singer, songwriter, music producer and live performer based out of Assam. His music mixes folk, rhythm and blues, soul, pop, alternative rock, and ambience with a serious and sensible form of artistic expression.

    “While I was planning this album a question always bothered me. Why Music? Why does the world need it? And what’s the meaning that music finds inside the consciousness of a being. When asked about it, people on most occasions related to it as some higher form of entity to which they could relate to on one-to-one basis,” said Abhilash.

    He grew up in a musical family, with his mother being an Indian classical and folk singer and was born in the small village of Goalpara, Assam.

    He was taught to various types of music at a young age, which helped him develop a wide musicality and an experimental approach to music creation.

    “However, Music regarded as a universal language is often subjected to individual choices and prejudices. When asked “How should music be? People referred to it in terms of genres,” the singer said while speaking with TIME8.

    Abhilash is a graduate from National Institute of Technology Calicut with a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering and a master’s degree in marketing management. After a brief stint in corporate life, he decided to pursue music as a career.

    Musafir, his debut EP, was released in October 2017 and gained a lot of positive reviews, as well as a small fan following and music video exclusively released on ‘Rock Street Journal’.

    He was even nominated in the Best Pop Artist Category at the Radio City Freedom Awards 2019 alongside Prateek Kuhad, Ankur Tewari, When Chai Met Toast, Funktuation, Sanam and others. He was also a part of the Malayalam film ‘Bhayanakam’, that won a National Award.

    Eat Treat’s video featured his song ‘Sapno Ke Aage’ has gained over 2 million views. Song even featured in Gigital India Indie Picks playlist alongside Blackstratblues, Thermal and a Quarter, Gumbal, Maati Bani and others.

    Abhilash has performed at a number of well-known northeastern festivals, including the NH7 Weekender in Meghalaya, the Dwijing Festival in Chirang, the Majuli Music Festival in Arunachal Pradesh, the Siku River Festival in Arunachal Pradesh, the Great Northeastern Momo Fest in Guwahati, and many others.

    About Abhilash’s ‘While She Waits For The Spring’ album:

    ‘While She Waits For The Spring’ is a musical universe built in the thoughts of a person from a confused generation who fights with fear, anxiety, mistrust, moral conflict with the external world and inner demons.

    The music in this album is a hazy mix of alternative, indie, electronica, and psychedelic rock that tries to evoke thoughts about music as an art, the materialistic world, humanity’s desire for power, dealing with loneliness, emotional disconnect, regret, existential crisis, handling criticism, and wishing for a peaceful world.

    Friends, fans and listeners helped to partially fund the album.

    The Search Is Over (Intro), Subah, Daoriya, Adhoora, While She Waits, Yaar Dost (Interlude), Dream, Ittefaaq, Waves Of Jowai (Nubuji Nejani) and Desire are the tracks on the album.

    His track is ‘Subah’ which is a hindi word that refers morning. In late summer of 2019, the song was written. Subah speaks of humanity’s aspiration for a better world, which has lasted for years, decades and possibly centuries. It describes how people have become restless in their pursuit of ambitions, resulting in a chaotic environment and people donning masks to suit their needs. Subah represents humanity’s desire for a better and brighter world.

    His track ‘Daoriya’ signifies cloudy in Assamese. Daoria is a song about how individuals in today’s world are emotionally distant. Humans fake love, loyalty and even friendship for personal interests. When your surroundings don’t give you a positive feeling, it’s difficult to live a quiet and happy existence. That is mostly what the song is about.

    “Adhoora” was written back in the summer of 2017. The song expresses regret and grief that we have to carry in our minds for our whole life. It emphasizes on the fact that how we might not sometimes get what we want despite putting in the hard work and dedication behind it.

    “The song ‘While She Waits For The Spring’ was written in the winter of 2017 while I was jamming at our friend Bibhash da’s jam pad with Milan, our session drummer, and Bubul, our ex bassist,” said Abhilash. The song is about the progressive materialisation of emotions in the modern centuries.

    ‘Yaar dost’ is a song which Abhilash dedicated to his friends who have supported him during his journey.

    Meanwhile ‘Dream’ and ‘Ittefaaq’ was written in the 2018.

    ‘Waves of Jowai’ is an Assamese song, the idea of which came to him while in Jowai, a beautiful place in Meghalaya. The song talks about the struggle of a person dealing with all the hassles of life and running in circles again and again. The being wants to start a new life without recollecting anything from the past. The song also talks about human’s nature of seeking for dreams, truth, death, struggle to survive and his reflections of an apocalyptic world.

    Lastly, the song “Desire” is the newest song in the album written in May 2020. It is a post-modern encore that talks about the meaningless nature of life. It is like a conclusion drawn at the end of the album that says irrespective of what we may do, life sends us the message of being meaningless all the time. So, all that we are trying to do are ways to fulfill our desires and play the game around them.

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