Wife Takes Action against Domestic Violence, Stabs Drunk Husband

Guwahati, December 5: In an unexpected turn of events, a woman hailing from Sonitpur, Chariduwar area has been arrested for stabbing her husband out of rage and revenge. The victim, Kartik Gowala, was an alcoholic, who used to beat up his wife on a daily basis after consuming alcohol.

While talking to TIME8, the O.C. of Sonitpur’s Chariduwar police station, Satish Sahoo brought light to many facts. According to him, the wife was unable to bear the torture daily and came up with the plan of stabbing him.

On Saturday night, the woman took this extreme step of stabbing her husband with a dao on the left side of his face leaving him severely injured. The whole incident was witnessed by their child. The wife hesitated to accept her crime but later confessed when her child gave the statement to the police.

The victim is in a state of shock and has been admitted to Tezpur Civil Hospital where he is going through treatment while his wife has been arrested and a case has been forwarded against her.

By Nisha Das