Woman ‘marries’ another widow woman in Dhubri, villagers furious

Guwahati, November 9: Uproar in Dhorarhaat at Gauripur in Dhubri after a woman “married” another widow woman with two-children in Dhubri enraging the local villagers.

It may be mentioned that in a historic move, a five-judge Constitutional bench of the Supreme Court, in four separate but concurring judgments, legalised same-sex relations between consenting adults. The Supreme Court has partially struck down Section 377 of the IPC, in so far as it punishes sex between consenting adults in same sex relations.

As per reports, two years back, a woman hailing from Balajan “fell in love with a mother of two”. The family members and local villagers were against the “sinful relationship”. The women has been identified as Gulsiara Khatoon (24) and Amina Khatoon (19).

On October 4, the two women entered into a “notary agreement” at the Dhubri court sparking a sensation in the entire region.

The family members of the woman accused the married woman of kidnapping the former and also lodged a complain with the police. Later, the woman told police that she left her house on her own will and she was not kidnapped.

The two women, who are now facing the wrath of the villagers, stated, “We have not married. We are adults and can decisions on our own. We have nothing illegal. Like any other couple, friends, we will lead our lives together. We will live together till we die. The Supreme Court has passed the order than two adult from same sex can live together. We are friends for the last 13 years.”

After striking down the Section 377 f the IPC, then Chief Justice of India (CJI), Dipak Misra said: “Only Constitutional morality and not social morality can be allowed to permeate rule of law… Sexual orientation is one of the many natural phenomenon. Any discrimination on basis of sexual orientation amounts to violation of fundamental rights. After judgement in Puttuswamy case, privacy has been raised to fundamental right.”

Justice Indu Malhotra, the only woman on the five-judge bench, had said that the “history owes an apology to the members of the community for the delay in ensuring their rights”. Justice Chandrachud said that the human sexuality cannot be reduced to a “binary formulation”.

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